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showing english categories also in german store

Started by Christian Skatulniak, December 03, 2012, 10:29:37 AM

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Christian Skatulniak

Hello Everybody,

i´ve got a problem on this site:

i did make the store in 2 languages, german and english, the rest of the language changing in joomla works fine but i have problems in virtuemart.
i do make categories in german and they are displayed when i change the site to german. then i made english categories, but these will be displayed in the english site and also in the german site. What is the problem? is there something i didn´t see ?
When is change the language in the category manager it says to me something like: the language is not installed and i have to fill out the fields with the flags, when i change the language to german, there are no flags. Why?

many thanks in advance


Christian Skatulniak

i forgot

Joomla is 2.58 and virtuemart is 2.0.14