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ACESef enabled, and VM falls apart?

Started by rand486, November 16, 2012, 23:06:59 PM

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We enabled ACESef, and the (commercial) extension for Virtuemart.  Suffice to say, VM 2.0 did NOT respond well.

Most products didn't load, until I manually established each SEF url (for over 300 products!).  The category listing on the main page of the estore just doesn't appear, but we're using a third party extension for the menu, so fortunately, THAT works.

We made a custom field for quantity for some products, and those products' Add To Cart button doesn't work.

Likewise, when I try to purchase something, I get as far as "Confirm Purchase", which then goes to the main eStore page.  The purchase doesn't go through.

The last point is by far the most important.  Can someone help please?

We're running off of Rochenhost MVS, Joomla 1.5.26 with the latest VM2.0


I gave up on ACESEF after purchasing both it and the virtuemart extension, after a month waiting for their support to offer some advice or fix the problems I simply threw it in the bin.

It simply does not function correctly.


I've gotten some stuff working, but it always involves manually creating/altering the URL.

I would've been just as well off putting it all in the .htaccess, it seems...

Honestly, both ACEsef and Virtuemart have been disappointments to me.  We've already gone live with VM, so I'm stuck there for now, but it seems ACESef won't have much longer to live on our web site.


From my experience (live Joomla 2.5.8/VM2.014 site) SEF and SEO works pretty well with core Joomla and VM2 settings.
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Thanks - I've been pushing for our company to upgrade to 2.5 for a while.  I'll add this to the ammunition list.