Author Topic: Need help with registration process customization  (Read 2797 times)


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Need help with registration process customization
« on: November 13, 2012, 13:04:19 pm »
Dear Developers!

I need some help with the customization I'm doing.

The "html" classes and the templates are easy to modify, but I can't get on with the base classes.

I want to know where the functions are called:
For example, for the user registration form after the cart. I see that the checkout.index.php calls the checkout_register_form.php for it (which fetch the template after), but i can't find the function call which add the information to the session. (I want to add the user information to cookies if she/he returns. Important: I use the one time registration form)

Every form action points to index.php, so i guess you use javascript redirect for that. (Which i can't find neither.)

I hope you can tell me where to look!

Best regards,