Author Topic: 2.0.14 Attention no standard shopper group set (updated and solved but why?)  (Read 3426 times)


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Attention no standard shopper group set
Attention no standard shopper group set'

In the heading of the pop up window.

This now appears only in "ask a question" - just after the update - It appears to have no effect on the cart or purchase ?
as  my store "is default"  and I do not set groups anywhere.

To get rid of this notification I had to turn on the shopper group '-anonymous-' -   - I saw this related to a new type of shopping method - but new or me ? I'll leave on.  In this shop I don't use registered shoppers so I didn't need it before. -

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I've just updated the site to 2.0.14 and I'm having the same problem I've tried turning on shopper group -anonymous- but it's not working for me.