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ShoppingCart - doesn't take prices - Solved

Started by ZeroOneZero, October 27, 2012, 11:16:49 AM

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Hello everybody
I have a problem with the shopping cart of my website and I have no clue how to solve it :/

The content of the website should be complete, but the Shopping Cart doesn't take the prices of the displayed products.
That means: If you select some products and add them to the shopping cart, then the products are displayed, the prices and the VAT on the contrary not.

I am using Joomla 2.5.6. and Virtuemart 2.0.12f.
The website URL is: (Language is German, German word for Shopping Cart is "Warenkorb", the link to the "Warenkorb" is

If you want to log in, use Usename "Test" and also the same Password, you can login here:
You are free to check out the website (you can also order things) and I would also really appreciate a feedback about the design etc :)

Thanks in advance!

How I solved the problem:
Update of my template


First there are price display issues for some with 2.0.12f -

If this is an upgrade from a previous VM version are you using overrides? If so have they been updated where necessary, too? Live update info for 12f is on with links at bottom of page to previous layout changes.
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Please follow jenkinhill instructions, also read that one:

You could use also firebug to examine your code, additional template changes can be found here also: and here

Last please ask your template provider also for the issue and download from their site the latest update for your template:

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