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[Updated] Release 2.0.21 G

Started by Milbo, May 23, 2013, 19:17:15 PM

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Thanks for the advice Hutson,

I will setup a local version. It just makes good sense.


OK, what is new? there is no changelog or bugtracker?
Please some info
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After reading through 9 pages (I was hopeful the issue was discussed) I figured I'd better ask.

In the first page of this thread there was reference to downloading the newest version that has had (among other things) some W3C compliance addressed. I'm not sure where, but I can say that rel="vm-additional-images" is not valid.

In the /components/com_virtuemart/views/productdetails/default_images.php, line 26, jQuery("a[rel=vm-additional-images]").fancybox({ - the rel tag doesn't allow that specific term. Yes, the site works and so does the fancybox. But the fact remains, there are a lot of errors on the page simply due to the rel reference. That's a good thing, knowing that the only errors are from 1 piece of code that can be rectified - if I knew all the places where it's referenced, and, if I can find a compliant reference that fancybox also likes.

Since you guys know the code a lot better than I, can someone tell me "how many" files I'll need to edit in order to change the reference to something compliant? I found a list of what is acceptable in rel - - and was considering changing to "contents". Of course changing this in just one file on the one line simply stops the fancybox from working normally.

Any help on this would be appreciated. And, by the way. I just installed the latest version of VM - 2.0.24 - which, outside of this one bug, seems to truly be a nice bit of software. I've used VM in many previous projects, but not for about a year.


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The W3C validator doesn't complain about "a[rel=vm-additional-images]". The various microformats and W3C are different things. And search engines like Google don't care at all about W3C complicance. Concerning images, I have many images from my VirtueMart shop showing on number one positions in Google.  ;)
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