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Customize virtalmart deliverables
« on: October 05, 2012, 10:15:08 am »
Hi, I would like virtue-mart to be able to create an item that will be stored in a new category for sale at later time.

  • Any registered customers will select 5 items from my store and give a name to the package(etc name is Lego 1).
  • The package name(Lego 1) and the 5 combination of items and total price will then be added to a virtue mart category called Customized Products.
  • Customers can view what other customers have created and decide on whether to buy peoples customized products using virtual mart.

My technical skills: Beginner at PHP and some SQL. New to the Joomla environment and trying to code in it.

This idea is different and probably requires coding of some sort.  It would be beneficial if anybody can offer guides for this subject to the virtuemart community.

I was thinking of using a module that has a form with fields of the items that can be added into virtuemart directly, but i am not sure on the complexity of virtuemart's database.