Author Topic: More Stickies = Less Searching = Less Mod labor? Opinions please...  (Read 5946 times)


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More Stickies = Less Searching = Less Mod labor? Opinions please...

I don't know how you guys feel about forum sticky topics...but I hate repeating posts that cover topics that are a) going to be around for awhile (example: not a bug), and b) not in the formal documentation. I know that there are a few right now, but can we use this feature more?

1. It would be nice to just refer users to a sticky for solutions instead of a previous post buried in the list. Due to their nature, stickies are at the top of the lists so users might read those first before posting a redundant topic. This would reduce the amount of work for a person like me that tries to help users (social worker) instead of a pure forum moderator type role (policeman.) It creates a better self-help environment.

2. An additional benefit would be that stickies can be the precursor to a documentation topic. In other words, If a sticky forum topic is applicable for a long time....maybe it should be in the documentation? Then it is easier to compose stickies into formal documentation.

Also, do we still have access to ALL the posts since phpShop was started? There are many topics that still apply.

So, you Mods out there....what do you think of forum STICKIES?