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After Installation

Started by xekzno, September 23, 2012, 00:12:29 AM

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After I have installed Virtuemart how to I configure it so that I can see it on the website? Simple Question, Basically what do I need to do what do I need to check or uncheck or what code do I need to move where so I can see the fully functional shop on the website I am working on.

Right now I have Virtuemart Installed but I don't see it on the website, here is the website I am working on.

Thank you in advance for answering this question.

Best Regards,



I think first you should take a look in joomla how is working

As for the VM you could look here:

First you will need to publish a menu on your web site for vm homepage.
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Testing     : Joomla 2.5.8 |    VM 2.1   | PHP 5.3.8

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Beginner's manual and installation/setup guide (Virtuemart-30-Minute-QuickStart-Standalone-Guide) are available on
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