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Migrating User / User info from VM1 - VM2. Hard way

Started by rheo, December 18, 2012, 06:53:02 AM

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Ive been searching for some migration plugins or fixes but i couldnt find anything so i decided to do it the hard way... If anyone wants to know how it can be done.

1) Have your old site and new site in your local computer first.

2) Make sure your new site has no other users except for your admin.

OLD SITE export
3) Go to Phpmyadmin and search for 2 particular tables from your old site

Now for editing purposes somehow my phpmyadmin version online didnt allow me to export to excel 2007 format.
However the Phpmyadmin i had locally allowed me to export to 2007 Excel format.  This is pretty important if you want to be able to edit your tables easily. Make sure you tick the box that says "Put fields names in the first row"

Other formats, csv, sql are all too difficult to edit.

After that please go to your new site database
Export 3 tables
note: p4y5x is just random.


Copy your old cells from your Old table to the New site tables corresponding to the title.

Under p4y5x_users there is a row called "Paras". you need to input this :


Make sure you do not have duplicate entries for any of the data otherwise importing them back will be very troublesome once you start.
Delete your row that corresponds to your admin information.

This is because you already have that on your database, you will get an error trying to import that again.

Once you've imported the 3 tables back in.. test on your site locally. If everything works, use that database on your live site.