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Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart 3 Plugin

Started by David Kan, September 17, 2012, 11:19:24 AM

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David Kan


I'm using delivery date but not quite satisfied.
I have order with no date or dates that are blocked and still chosen by customers. Their support won't recognise the problem.. (I test it, it works, no problem)

But why is this basic feature not standard in Virtuemart.
Thus select and manage delivery date.
The idea is of delivery date is quite good but using javascript to fill out the field is not working all the time ( 5% of the order do not have a date although the date field is required)

Virtuemart orders do have a delivery date field but it is not used enywhere else.

Does anyone have an alternative of want's do develop a virtuemart native solution?

David Kan

Hi Ronaldotto,

Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart 2 from cmsmart can totally meet your demand. The delivery date plugin allows:
- Block dates for specific days or events
- Manage orders according to dates
- Set up required fields and they can work well
- Flexible options to choose specific time or period
....Just take a look at this. We make sure that you'll get satisfied with our product. Thanks a lot


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No I'm not trying to send spam around the VM Forum, but according to my splendid support department of Netbase CMSmart
I placed my review in the wrong forum environment, so I copied the review to this VM product plugin env.

Sorry  :-[ , I will remove the other one.

Best regards,

Jack (from the netherlands)


DAVID: I wish to thank you for your support. I hope to my post will not consider as spam or as a promote post. I just try to express thanks for your job.

David Kan


We would like to post your questions and our support here for others to see

QuoteHow add a payment method? I saw missing paypal.
The same problem with shipping method. Thank a lot

Because in the Payment method config, you did set the country as Romania, so just when you choose Romania, the payment and the shipping method will appear

QuoteNow, I understand that this "as soon as possible" appear from the default_delivery_time.php file, which find in /plugins/system/onestepcheckout/views/3cols directory.
Before to install this plug in ( Tell you that for you understand me more better!) the our customers could have picked themself the day and the hour which we must send our products, this option been very useful. What I want to this option not to change anything. Understand me?

I have solved problem, please look at : and check again.

QuoteNow, when I enter the cart page in left upper corner appear "select delivery city" .... What is it? Is normaly?  I wish to do not appear. You can do something?

I have solved problem, please check again.

Thank you !

QuoteI see you solved fields size problem i've been thinking about all day. Thank a lot!


David Kan


Let feel free to ask us whenever you got any problems while using our product. Contact me for fastest support!

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David Kan


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Thank you!

David Kan

Version 4.0.0 Updated: 2015, Nov 27
- Allowing to set up format date
- Allowing to adjust displaying of delivery time with 2 options
- Selecting interval time
- Drag time option
- Allowing to setup displaying of the delivery day after current day
- Config and display delivery city

You can see the video intro of this product at HERE

David Kan


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David Kan

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David Kan

Hello everybody,
Our customer Alice Hooper was very happy with our plugin :D

QuoteIf you are using Virtuemart store you should install this software, saves time, I've used it and was very happy with the quality of products.

David Kan

Good morning everybody!
We got 1 more feedback from our customers on JED:

Functionality: Simple - only few click - interface for customers.Easy customization of options.

Ease of use: Easy to install, simple admin interface, understable functionality options

Support: Excellent support. Fast response for my unique problems.

Value for money: Great value for my money, and good, very useful plugin for my customers and me.

David Kan

one user said that "Very good pluging with excellent support! The best solution to have delivery date on you site! Thanks!"