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Ground Freight Production Key
« on: September 14, 2012, 16:42:41 pm »
I'm at my wit's end.  I've got a UPS account and have obtained an access key.  Here is the current status of all of the "access types":
Developer Resource                            Access Type
Address Validation - City, State, ZIP    Production
Address Validation - Street Level            Production
Locator - Package                                    Test
Pickup - Ground Freight                            Test
Pickup - Package                                    Production
Quantum View - Package                    Production
Rating - Ground Freight                            Test
Rating - Package                                    Production
Shipping - Ground Freight                    Test
Shipping - Package                                    Production
Time In Transit - Package                    Production
Tracking - Package, Ground Freight, and Air Freight    Production
UPS Signature Tracking - Package            Production
UPS TradeAbility - Package                    Production

Because our products weigh about 100lbs and are 8ft long, we have to ship ground freight. (well, I'm pretty sure we do)
The problem is, you have to do some sort of xml developers test to get production turned on for ground freight.  I thought I had it working, because when I did a dummy order (stopped before charging), it calculated the shipping correctly.  But when a sale came in, it charged $0 for shipping.

So I'm either doing something wrong or have no way to connect to the rating module for ground.  If someone has gone through "Scenario 1" and has the magic answer key to the little quiz, and can help me get to the next step, it would be greatly appreciated.