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Started by RuggeroSB, September 10, 2012, 13:39:18 PM

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For me it works in the Frontend (FE) as anonymous. Be aware I am not talking about the stockable plugin. I am talking about the dynamic child variants. But by theory the stockable plugin should work the same way. So please explain which one of them you are actually using. Btw, the stockable plugin and the dynamic child plugin maybe merged later, cause they do 90% the same and the goal is to have one plugin for it, but both are written by different developers. I did not write the stockable, so I cant say atm. Write a pm to openglobal.
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I am using stockable variants, so...I am confused. You say it should work but it doesn't....are you able to give me direct support with this?


@raetser, patience man. It's not as if you're paying the people here get what you need. We are indeed sometimes frustrated, but that tone has no place in an open source community.


@leFlea, I don't see any problem with his "tone". Reatser has a very solid point, one that I have already mentioned in 2006 for gods sake.

And the "not paying the people" argument is the best way to scare people away of stepping into VM.

After using VM since the Mambo era we are now moving on to Magento.

I will still keep an eye on VM but the whole children sorting issue and the crazy growth in functions and errors has made us switch.

I loved it until VM2 came out.
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VM2 has the power of Magento and the usability of Opencart. I just can't get it to do what I managed to do with VM1 for so long...



I wanted to post here and say this thread helped. I noted the child ordering was available in the parent. I'm working with over 32,000 items and was able to automate the this by importing the data with the field pordering set in a serial fashion for children of the parent with parent being zero. I am using CSVI Pro to import.

Now my children are in my set order.

- Mike
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good for you mbrando, at least someone has some satisfation here.
I am starting to think that raetser is not all wrong. Without being rude, but I have to say that if you all guys that work on VM2 keep on then disappearing when stuff doesn't work for one reason or another then I am just questioning myself...why do you even do it in the first place?
This is not my first "bug" with VM2,...the more I use it the more I realize that it's just too flimsy, and when I try to find an answer in the forum there are either
1. 10000 people are waiting for the same answer (that never arrives) and the black hole is still there sometimes for YEARS
2. 10000 people are waiting for the same answer but at the same time some found the solution by hiring someone else. So If I have to count all the people I hired so far to fix basic (and ok also not basic) issues,...well...then again, what's the point of all this open source project if it cannot be sustained? Start charging a one-off fee and provide for some assistance, wouldn't it be more functional??
So now that I am all setup with this humongous amount of data (not to mention the learning curve -not all of us are born developers-) I am finding myself thinking "well, I might just see how painful is to migrate to another e-commerce solution because this is not getting any easier".
Is this what you guys want from all the users?
I am not saying I am not thankful for the job you do, but just don't leave people in the dark (let's call it "dark") justifying yourselves with "it's for free what do you expect" because pisses people off.