[SOLVED] Virtuemart Javascript files are nowhere to be seen

Started by remeedella, March 17, 2013, 16:39:09 PM

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I can't say if I posted this in the right section but hopefully someone will come to my aid. I did a fresh install of virtuemart, it was 2.0.18 at the time and I read the patch notes to 2.0.20a and nothings changed affecting me.

I simply cannot get the javascript files to load on a fresh install period. I can't recall but I believe before I installed my new template that I'm building with bootstrap it may have been working or at least I've never ever had this problem before. I've set virtuemart back to default, I've tried pasting everything within the assets folder into the root of my template and tried loading javascript files one by one and I've even removed the bootstrap javascript files to see if there was a conflict. I'm completely lost, virtuemart javascript is simply not loading no matter what I do to try and load it. Price changes on the fly with custom fields selections do nothing, the modal popup box for images does nothing, add to cart is just a link, quantity buttons don't work, etc.

Right now virtuemart is set back to default and I'm just utterly confused. Come to my rescue.

Development site is at www.newreleasewall.com/primetimegourmet/
Pm me for credentials


wow I was looking all day and after evaluating some working templates and my own it finally came to me that I made a brutal mistake.

Don't ever forget

"<jdoc:include type="head" />"

in your header LOL. What a miserable accident. Case closed.


Then modal popup for images add to cart and the ajax 5 star rating wasn't working... Bootstrap.min.js had to be pushed down to the end of the <head> to fix some control issues! Done