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NO menu-option after installing 2.0.8e

Started by edthenet, July 27, 2012, 10:34:48 AM

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I've installed v2.0.8e on a 2.5.6 Joomla site. But after installation there is no link in de component menu.
When i put ?option=com_virtuemart after the url virtuemart does start, but i need a link, can anyone help me?


I have exact the same problem after installing 2.08.e on  a 2.5.6 Joomla.


i found that if i had xmap installed before virtuemart u need to enable the xmap_virtuemart plugin for the link to be shown on the components list

p.s: does your configuration page work properly in virtuemart??


Xmap was the problem. After enabling problem solved.