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RuposTel One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 3

Started by stAn99, July 25, 2012, 18:57:51 PM

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Dear Virtuemart Friends,
we would like to let you know about our popular extension for Virtuemart 2. We specialize on checkout customization for both Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x We have over 3 years of experience with checkout on Virtuemart and we would like to make your shop even better with our component.

Short feature list of One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 2
- all themes are responsive and there is a possiblity to turn off one page checkout for mobiles
- all the steps (basket, registration, shipping, payment) are displayed at one page which raises your sales as it displays total including shipping fee for your customer before he decides whether to input his personnal data onto your page
- all the totals including percentual coupons, shipping (UPS and USPS supported) and payment fees are calculated for all customer options without any further need for a click
- includes Google Ecommerce tracking, Google Adwords tracking and CURL tracking after confirmation of the order
- the frontend uses your Virtuemart's language files with a sophisticated language editor where you can edit language files of any extension
- the backend is well described in a simple english (slovak, russian, spanish translations of the configuration is included, and dutch, german, portugese and greek translation is on the way)
- supports Virtuemart 2.0.0 to the latest SVN (tested weekly)
- supports address (country) by IP location when used together with our free GeoLocator extension
- supports NO SHIPPING, NO PAYMENT, NO SHIP TO SECTION with no VM modifications - can be set up within the backend, ideal for groupon-like sites
- supports dual email field for digital products
- supports all 3rd party extensions including digital products component
- can be used as direct link to the cart from an external marketing site - mostly used for coupon sales or marketing with support of product attributes and variants, or within an email campaign with a custom article above basket
- support all TAX modes under Virtuemart 2 and the tax is updated and displayed on an address change of your customer (we even released tax per zip plugin for our American customers that is part of OPC basic subscription)
- includes 5 inbuilt checkout themes for Virtuemart 2 which are independend of Virtuemart version or Joomla template
- uses no JQuery or Mootools for as broader compatiblity as possible (it is much faster then other one page solutions available)
- supports dozen of registration types: OPTIONAL/GUEST, NO REGISTRATION, SILENT, NORMAL + combined with Joomla 2.5 guest checkout or Joomla 1.5 no registration + duplicit email feature where your customers don't need to remember their password and still can shop as unlogged with no error message

Latest demos 2013:

Responsive, made for german market:

Complete list of demos here:

You can purchase our component here:

We provide one year subscription period for unlimited number of downloads, or domain use for both versions of our component - One Page Checkout 1.2 for Virtuemart 1.1.x and One Page Checkout 2.0 for Virtuemart 2.0.x. for single price and single purchase.  We provide support only for one domain per purchase.

Please use purely our support forum for post-sale questions:

for pre-sale questions you can use our contact form, chat button on our site or this Virtuemart forum

Support is provided only in English, Slovak, Czech or Hungarian language.

Runs on:
Virtuemart 2.0.0 to the latest SVN (2.0.24)
Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5
php 5.2, 5.3,5.4, 5.5

Please note that php5.2 may not be compatible with all of the VM functions such as tcpdf.

No core hack are done upon installing this extension and it can be simply uninstalled without problems.

Our OPC solution fully supports:
Klarna, UPS, USPS, Fedex, Fedex Mutibox, Awo Coupons Pro, Quantity Plugin, Greek ACS, Canada Post, Australia Post and much more.

Runs on any Virtuemart 1.1.x or Virtuemart 2.0.x theme

More than 4500 customers running our solution on more than 7000 sites.

Update June 2015:
We recently added a few more opc themes which you can check on our responsive developement demo pages:

These pages maybe down during the developement and their features change per the currently developed feature:

Further OPTIONAL features recently added:
- charity/addon products which can be added to the totals by clicking a checkbox
- order summary upon clicking the confirm order button
- VM currency per joomla language AND currency per IP detected country
- OPC order, product, category or cart tracking now includes these tracking affiliates:
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking - Adwords Conversion Code with Google Tag Params
OPC Tracking - Adwords
OPC Tracking - Adwords Tracking Image Pixel Only
OPC Tracking - Google Analytics
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking - Criteo
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking - Ebay Commerce Network
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking - Google Tag Manager
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking - Kiyoh Klantbeoordelingen
OPC Tracking - Osiaffiliate
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking -
OPC Tracking - TradeTracker, AppNexus and Veinteractive
OPC Tracking - Webgains
OPC Tracking -
Počítání konverzí -

- Product XML capabilities:
Google Feed (all languages) including virtuemart to google category pairing +

- Order Export capabilities:
MS Excell export of the order items (all information available)
PDF Export formatted per an input XLS/ODS file (this runs on our cloud service and for OPC2 on VM3 this is in Experimental mode)

- Invoice and Order numbering:
You can now use numbers like 201500001 for your orders/invoices which automatically get resetted upon new year/day/month per your config. It supports all possible format numbers including your own strings or numbers within the generated number

OPC installer (com_onepage) includes a "OPC Extension" tab from where you can install further extensions upon your needs, included extensions are :
- ajax search pro for virtuemart 2 and virtuemart 3 (opc independent) -> a very sophisticated search queries which display the products per the best relevance (supports 3 modes: ajax drop down, ajax component view, no ajax view)  It can use your own virtuemart category theme to display the results, or it's own themes.
- opc_cart (stores cart and reloads it per a cookie in the browser, so the cart never expires)
- shoptracker plugin -> know your affiliates (they are stored and shown within your order management in VM)
- email or username plugin (only for Joomla 2.5 now)
- fail2ban plugin for joomla (log your failed login attempts to a system log where they can further be processed with fail2ban)
- opc shipping and payment plugin -> disables any sort of auto select functionality in VM3 (speeds up API request if used)
- opc registration (complete override of the VM registration page per OPC settings and OPC themes)
- shipping method for VM3 (a full implementation of Ulozenka including label management and package registration) -> maybe removed from OPC at later releases and sold as a standalone plugin
- mailchimp system plugin (shows subscription checkbox at your joomla registration / virtuemart registration /opc registration /opc checkout / vm checkout) -> the state of the registration is not stored on your local database, but rather directly within the mailchimp site
- vmcache for virtuemart -> the mini version of our caching solution (we also have a PRO version which is distributed on request or available at extensions)

you can find out more, or purchase our 1 year subscription at

I hope you'll enjoy,
Best Regards,
Stan Scholtz, main developer and CEO,
Your customized checkout solution for Virtuemart


I am using Joomla 2.5.1 [ Ember ] stable and Virtumart 2.0.2.
Is the "one page checkout for virtuemart 2" compatible with the above specifications?


After purchasing and installing this component the shopping cart does strangely not show neither the payment nor the shipping options and the message is something like "You do not qualify for any of the available shipping options" (translated, not sure about exact message in english).

Anybody had similar experience and know how to debug/fix?
The more I know the more I know I don´t know

Tech: Joomla 3.7.3,  Virtuemart 3.2


hello, please use our own forum for support at

the OPC does not alter the visibility of your shipipng or payment methods and they would not show even when opc is disabled once you do not see them when opc is enabled.

you may need to check the following:
- shopper groups for unlogged users should be set to both -anonymous- and -default- OR none for all
- your country restrictions in your payment and shipping should match OPC default country. Otherwise even in a normal checkout, the user would see no shipping or payment once he enters a country that is outside your restrictions

after installing the latest OPC version(s) it also automatically checks for your shopper group table structures. if the structure got broken over some of the virtuemart updates or by changing some of the core shopper groups, OPC will automatically restore the original core virtuemart structure. this is to prevent further issues with or without OPC in your shop. This also means that for a proper virtuemart functionality you must have both -anonymous- and -default- shopper groups published on your site (you can rename them if you'd like)

best regards,
Your customized checkout solution for Virtuemart


Our OPC solution also provides an UTILITY section where you can

- switch all your tables to InnoDB or MyISAM depending on what runs faster on your own database (all action is reversible)
- full text your php (or other) files, for example for a malicios code, it makes it easier for developers to find specific strings by a search directly on your own server
- products to child products pairing (only VM3), i.e. if you imported lot's of products from CSV like Shirt, Shirt S, Shirt L, Shirt XL, our Utilities can create you a desired structure of your Products
- Virtuemart Categories to Joomla Categories (works on VM2 + Joomla 2.5)

Please use our Forum at to ask questions or ask for a support.

best regards, stan
Your customized checkout solution for Virtuemart


Problem - No Payment method has been selected / No Shipping method has been selected
This problem only raises when my VM shop is used in non standard language

Joomla 3.4.2 / VM 3.0.8
Main Menu only contains feedback form
Language menu's contain 1 Info page (article) / 1 Shop item (virtuemart >virtuemart)
Standard language nl-NL / Plugin language filter & language code activated
Shipping methods and payment methods activated
For each language I created Language modules / menu modules / categories / articles / Mod vm category / Mod vm shopping cart

And everything works as long as I stay in the default shop

The problem occurs as soon as I select a language and enter the shop
The url changes to for instance and here I can add items to my shopping cart but as soon as I want to proceed payment I get a warning No Payment method has been selected / No Shipping method has been selected

I kept the site with this problem - visible at

When I change this to (delete the fr) the problem is over

Tried everything including complete new setup of menus but nothing works
So only when the language tags and shop in different language is selected

Help appreciated - I want to buy the Rupostel OPC but only if this above works otherwise I have to find another solution for all your shoelaces - de Schoenveter speshitpillt verkoopt schoenveters voor ondersteuning van projecten in Oeganda


For all interested in the missing shipping options, I found the mysterious cause to be in the combination of product weight / unit of measurement which was in conflict with the unit of measurement which was set within my shipping option plugin. This created some weights breaking the post office limits... 300 g converted into 300 kg...

Hope this helps somebody
The more I know the more I know I don´t know

Tech: Joomla 3.7.3,  Virtuemart 3.2


hello, but why did you chose to write your problems into our product's presentation at this forum?

after an OPC subscripton purchase we provide support for any type of shipping or payment method problem that is related to our software. or we fix your problems that are not related to our software with a pre-agreed budget which you'd suggest.

our solution fixes many core VM problems and issues and is backward compatible down to VM2.0.10 or even sooner. our goal is to provide a solution with the best support for VM as possible under a reasonable budget.

please write to the generic VM bug forum if you'd like your problem to be evaluated against the VM core, or write to your plugin developers to get it fixed from within the plugins.

current vm3.0.13X problems that we located
- mishandling of decimal comma instead of decimal dot
- mishandling rounding when 2 currencies are used where one of the does not use decimal places
- vm3.0.14: custom field plugin calculation issues

best regards,stan,
Your customized checkout solution for Virtuemart

Studio 42

Are rupostel Developers alive ?
No answer in your forum and no answer by mail ???

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