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Virtuemart 2 and multi language (HOT HOT HOT)

Started by ngockhoavo, July 21, 2012, 11:47:23 AM

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Hi everyone,
I finally found the way to use right multi language for joomla 2.5 and VM2. Just follow these step:

1- Install joomla (can pass if you done)
2- Install other language (Ex: i have installed Vietnamese)
3- Install VM2
4- Enable plugin language switcher (in here, turn Menu association ->on)
5- Public and show Module language switcher at frontend
6- Go to menu manager, create menu for each lang (Ex: i have created En-menu and Vi-menu)
7- in Each menu, you must create 1 button default for each lang (Ex: in En-menu i created Homepage button, chose lang is English-UK, check default. In Vi-menu i created Trang chu button, chose lang is Vietnamese, check default)
8- IMPORTANT: Goto Joomla administrator->Virtuemart->Configuration->Configuration->Languages Settings->Multilingual shop
Here you must add lang which you can switch at frontend. (now VM will auto create table for new lang)

9- Create some example categories and products (if you have not create yet). Go to frontend and test.

Sorry for my bad english.
Goodluck!  ;)


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hi Ngoc Khoa,
Did you have a final translation package for Vietnamese?
And could you share with me?


There currently is no full vietnamese translation. The frontend translation is almost complete, but the backend currently is tranlated only 73 percent. Maybe you can help to finish the translation. See here:
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?