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VM2 Slideshow on product details page. Free!

Started by Linelab, July 19, 2012, 22:49:32 PM

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Quotei tryed to use the solution in your link, but i don't want the slideshow in a page but only the "next prev" buttons in image popup! i can't resolve this.. you can find a solution whit this script?

Quote from: VirtueArtcz on July 31, 2012, 16:52:36 PM
Hi Ciriman,  Good idea.  We will create a POPUP Slideshow including thumbnails (additional images) as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.   :)

In this forum there is a short tutorial for producing an override which loads Fancybox (includes prev/next buttons and a title) instead of Facebox in the frontend, including the code to copy and paste.  See here:

Works nicely, but in my special (case I need to change the image title, which is generated from the image alt-text (file_meta in the _virtuemart_medias table) to 'Displayed Image Title' (file_description in the _virtuemart_medias table and 'vm-img-desc' in vmsite-ltr.css). Perhaps VirtueArtcz or somebody else has an idea how to achieve that. I've run out of ideas already   :)

The reason for the above is that I need to display "Product name © manufactuer name" as a title below the image, but at the same time don't want to spoil the more descriptive image alt-text, which is important for SEO.
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Quote from: nicklucas on August 14, 2012, 16:09:36 PM
I really want to use this on my template however the template that I am using has a default.php file in the com_virtuemart folder that clearly contains code to either override the default_images.php folder for this slideshow. Here is the code relating to product images from the default.php file

Try to replace this code:

<div class="width40 floatleft">
<?php // Product Main Image
if (!empty($this->product->images[0])) { ?>

<div class="main-image">
<?php echo str_replace('<a''<a class="modal"'$this->product->images[0]->displayMediaFull('class="product-image"',true,"class='modal'",true)); ?>
<?php // Product Main Image END ?>
<?php // Showing The Additional Images
if (!empty($this->product->images) and count ($this->product->images)>1) { ?>

<div class="additional-images">
<?php // List all Images
foreach ($this->product->images as $image) {
'<div class="product-thumb">' $image->displayMediaThumb('class="product-image"',true,'class="modal"',true,true) . '</div>'//'class="modal"'

<?php // Showing The Additional Images END ?>

With this:
<div class="width40 floatleft">
echo $this->loadTemplate('images');


Thanks for posting that VirtueArtcz it was much appreciated. Unfortunately it's not quite working it should probably because of the template I'm using as you can see here:

I have no idea how to fix it so will probably have to admit defeat!


The next week will be released the new FREE version with popup feature. Please check demo:


A new version of Product Details Slideshow for VirtueMart 2 is available for download.
Absolutely Free!  :)

Download link:


A really big thank for that !!!  :D

PS: But if you have...10images for one item. Are you thinking to put thumbnails in a slide too like in presta**** ? One arrow for each side and some hidden thumb ? If anyone has already some overide code that ^^

Anyway, nice Slideshow.


Hello. First of all thank You for your effort.. I have tried on several sites .. localhost and hosting ... and I cant make it work. After installing I get just single images lined horizontaly and there is no effect. Attached some pictures. What do I do wrong ? Thank You for your help. Petr

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Ahoj Peetee, vidím češtinu  ;), napiš prosím url webu, podivám se na to.


thanks for this VirtueArtcz, you saved me lots of time on looking and making this work !


i got the same problem as peetee

is there a solution ? i cant get the slideshow on my web page.  all images are lined  vertically

please help

thank You




Hi nicklucas,

I also like your fault, it just works on Beez template-20, while on my template it did not work.

Please I ask you to have corrected this error. Can guide me if you have successfully overcome it? tks u.



i have this vertical error too...but only when i'm logged. If i'm not logged, everything works nice. Any idea ?


Thanks for this , very nice page & option for virtuemart product images i'll use it on my project soon