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Changes are required within the Virtuemart
« on: June 29, 2012, 10:23:49 am »
For the purpose of this quote assume a standard site exist ( complete ) with Virtuemart 2.0.4 and Joomla 2.5 - for as far as the standard functionality allow. 

Changes are required within the Virtuemart Sources.  This project has several phases and this document serves as a summary of phases 1a and 1b.

We can make the location of the site known, but first want a quotation for budgetary purposes. ( Phase 1a and 1b )


By basically adding a "stock" field to the "product_categories" table and a "type" field to the "Categories" table in Virtuemart the application is to "buy" stock from a specific "location" ( a category type ) and alter the corresponding "stock" field.

Phase 1a ( Basic stock changes )

General Note:
( Create a SQL file for all database changes - so it can be applied & managed easier )

The solution must be able to handle a traffic flow of 360 transactions/hour.

Change the "Product_Category" table in Viruemart to have a "Stock" field ( Integer ) Change the Category table in Viruemart to have a field ( Integer ) for "Category Type". A Type "0" will be "standard" and "1" will be a "location" & a field for an email address. ( Hard Coded at this stage ) All "location" categories  will also be "hidden" ( standard virtuemart ).  ( Location fields will be edited manually )

There is a page that "shows" all the products of a particular "non hidden" category.  On the particular page add a control ( Combobox Selector ) which lists all the "location" type categories ( including "All" ) and on selection will sort  the "product" further & display the subset of product belonging to the particular category. Provide another Combobox selector containing the items ( "All", "In stock" and "Not In Stock" ) - On selection will filter the displayed product even further based on the "Stock" field in the "category" table. ( This selection should only be available if the "category" is not selected as "All" )

By clicking on a product the "product details" page appears. On this page the "Add to cart" button also apprears.  Now: ( To add ) Add a Combobox selector for all "Location" categories.  Only allow "Add to cart" if a particular "location" has been selected, bear in mind that ( the default ) selection of the "location" Combobox should be either "All" or the specific "location" depending if this is known at time of loading the page.

Add a "column" to the cart which will show the "location" field ( as per the Combobox selector at the time of "Adding to cart".

When finally clicking "Check Out Now" do a check whether stock exist ( final check ) before creating an order - else warn user. ( against appropriate field in the categories table )

When an order is placed it should also indicate the "location" ( This will also involve making a change to the database to store the corresponding field )

The email which is sent to the "store" ( on placement of order ) must be sent to the "email address" as per the corresponding field in the "category" table for the particular "location".   

Phase 1b ( GUI minor )

Write an application in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio to illustrate making a connection to a Virtuemart ( MySQL )  database & changing a sample field over a secure connection, where database "connection details" are also transmitted in a secure manner.

Other Phases: ( major )
Involves consultancy with respect to the following:
(a) SEO
(b) Strategy to keep this "in line" with Virtuemart & Joomla
    future "upgrades"
(c) Security
(d) Query Optimizations

Please reply to if you can help and please provide a quote.