Superimposing option and (Packet and Box) weight option for VirtueMart?

Started by amaliadn, June 28, 2012, 13:33:37 PM

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I would like to know if this is possible with VirtueMart:
When someone wants to order:
1. Select T-shirt (golf top, round neck etc)
2. Able to added their logo on the selected shirt (allowing them to view it)
3. Select position of logo
4. Select colour
5. Select size
6. Select branding - screen print or embroidery
7. Able to zoom in and out of product
8. Select amount of t-shirts
This will then be put into a cart where you have 6 options of weight:
1-3 is packet (1. small 2. medium 3. large)
4-6 is box (1.small box 2. medium box 3. large box)
This will be selected according to the weight on the system and will then proceed with purchase