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where is the "Show price only to registered user" option?

Started by bonbin, June 08, 2012, 16:55:46 PM

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hello everyone,

i want to ask about the "show price only to registered user" option
i saw this option before, but i dont remember where i found it,i did try it also before (which i remember when i check this option, the price will not shown to unregistered user and the add to cart button will still exist)
now i found out my site doesnt show the pricing to unregistered user, i didnt change any configuration before, my admin also say he didnt change any configuration
but now i cant find that option to uncheck from the back end of virtuemart, can someone pls guide me for where i can find that option?



The selector is "Membergroup to show prices to" in VM congiguration/pricing

Registered users would normally be assigned to the default shopper group. Products themselves would not usually be assigned to a group.
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hi jenkinhill,

first of all thank you for your help
but as i believe i saw the option for show price only to registred member before , because i did try that option 2weeks ago
then i saw the pricing is gone for unregistered member, but the add to cart button are still viewable, and so i uncheck the option again and the price are showing again
but now the pricing suddenly unviewable for unregistered member, and i cant find that option :(

i didnt set up any restriction to member group

here is my default configuration
show price only to registered user : Uncheck
show price : Checked
in the product section, i dont put any membergroup on the product

i also did some research to put the few product to default and anonymous member group (which i also check the option for "show price only to registered user" )
the result is still the same, which the pricing didnt show up to unregistered user

any suggestion?



I have been searching for AGES for a solution to something that used to be very easy.

All I need to do is hide product prices and add to cart until someone signs in, then it all appears.

It seems this is not possible in VM2. is this right?




Maybe this is your solution:

You have to copy the code from the link into your productdetails/default.php override

And change
if($shopperID == 1 || $shopperID == 6){


if($shopperID != 2){

(2 is my anonymous costumer group id as in the virtuemart backoffice)