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Started by adry82bcn, May 27, 2012, 10:14:40 AM

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Hi all,

  I have a problem with the URL of the products and can not find anything to resolve it.
  The problem is the following:

  When I enter any item in the store the URL goes like this I want to leave just the product name something like  and not the date and all that.

  I can do??



Menu item is to be assigned to VM. Normally, the SEF link (provided SEF is switched on) should look like your_site/category_name/product_name.html. The date and time stamp could come from menu item alias, if you assigned a menu item to particular product.

Sample of SEF URLs built as described above: Virtuemart Front Page, Category Page, Product Detail Page.


adry82bcn ,

You need to change the "alias" or "slug" of the product