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spanish translation in vm 2.06 full of ortographical mistakes and non-standard

Started by acortes, May 22, 2012, 19:51:42 PM

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Please, downgrade the spanish translation in vm2.

In vm 2.0.6 release there are a lot of ortographical (spelling) mistakes, typos, inaccuracies, non-standard expressions. Seems like a bad google translation but misspelled.

I'm tryin to correct as soon as I detect, generating several language overrided files for it in both, front and administration side. But it is a not ending job.

I waiting for the catalan language files as well, but with the spanish experience I'm afraid. I'm thinking to generate a fresh translation from english files for both languages. But I need more time than I have currently available.

Please have some quality control with the translations? If not may you try to stablish some procedure for revision before publishing and releasing?


Do you mean the spanish translation was better in previous VM2 versions?
Concerning quality of the translation, we have to rely on what spanish translators contribute to the VM2 team, because the developers don't speak spanish.
In most cases we use the language files from our translation project at transifex. However, although many spanish users requested to join the spanish translation team recently, I think only one or two are frequently contributing to the spanish translation.

I would suggest that you join the team and discuss quality issues with the current coordinator "el-libre" (perhaps by using the transifex 'Discussios' tab on the spanish translation overview):

Also, please download the two main language files es-ES.com_virtuemart.ini (admin and site) directly from transifex and let me know if they are better than the ones supplied with 2.06. It looks like somebody commented out quite a few lines in the spanish 2.0.6 files, which will result in a display of keys instead of the strings. So instead of "Longitud máxima de pregunta", VM2 will display "COM_VIRTUEMART_ASK_QUESTION_MAX_LENGTH"
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Sorry for reviving this old post but although we now have a quality translation the problem remains.

The problem with both the spanish team and the catalan team, are the coordinators in great part. Being myself a translator this wont make me very popular but the fact is that I had to literaly translate all the language files myself from 0, as the level of errors was incredible, even with files done by the same coordinators, but this is not a post to give medals to myself but to tell the actual situation.

First of all, the coordinators accept everyone, without asking a single question or control, the spanish team had (better has) like half south americans, catalan members and very few actual spanish.

After doing all this work, one of the new members recently decided that he would adapt the transifex translation of VM2 to his own personal web creating nonsense translations of VM shop terms in to law terms, yes, directly inventing his own translations of laws and crap. Something which I again, had to repair.

However after all this said, can we really blame Virtuemart or someone for the stupidity of people? I dont think so.

Luckily nowadays we have a professional translation or at least a very decent one for the spanish one.

In most teams although you see many members is actually one or two guys or girls that keep the translations correct and up to date, the inactive IMO should be kicked.

Actually the catalán team has not updated the language pack for ages, the same coordinator for the spanish team then joined the catalán and still did nothing, even myself not being catalán had to join their team to try and do some of their work but I left since I saw the null activity and I don't really have level in that language.

IMO both coordinators should be kicked as they have no level for being translators, no motivation and no control over the quality of the translation.

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