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Quote system

Started by Yustas, May 21, 2012, 16:07:42 PM

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I need to make a quote system - customer see products as catalog without prices, but with button 'Request for quote' (button "Ask for price" is not enough, it's just a question via email).

Than this "quotation" goes to ordering system (there is only possibility to make an order from web site under customer's login, but i need that managers could make orders also manually)

Than manager calculate price and change it in "quote" (it's possible to place an order from customer with zero price, but manager can't edit an order when he calculate price for customer)

After this customer should receive an email about price changing and offering to accept this and place to order.

Any ideas how to make this functionality? Maybe some settings what i can't find or just separate extensions exactly for this tasks?

Please advice any who made such system early.

Thanks in advance.


hi, I just released such quote extension for vm2.0 , Pls visit my website here : , or email me here :
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