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[SOLVED] Product errors after upgrade to 2.0.6 (MySQL)

Started by JohnnyC, May 20, 2012, 20:29:37 PM

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I use JM 2.5 and VM 2.0.6 upgraded from 2.0.2. After the upgrade I had an issue with my products, couldn't find any media and it displayed MySQL errors when entered details, also didn't show some modules (menus with featured products). I used phpMyAdmin to backup my database (tables) and after that I rebuilt it and restored the old tables into the new ones. As a result the error messages kept on displayed. As my shop is still in test mode (lucky me) I deleted all my products and created some new ones. But the problems still remain.

The errors (the language is GREEK but I will translate hoping you will find out which error message is in English):

1. When I enter a products details page I take the error
            Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση της εφαρμογής: com_users, 1
            Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση της εφαρμογής: com_users, 1
            Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση της εφαρμογής: com_content, 1
            Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση της εφαρμογής: com_content, 1

   TRANSLATION Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση της εφαρμογής == Error loading component

2. When I enter a category or subcategory which is not empty (includes products) I take the error
    Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση του ενθέματος MySQL server has gone away SQL=SELECT, m.title, m.module, m.position, m.content, m.showtitle, m.params, mm.menuid FROM jos_modules AS m LEFT JOIN jos_modules_menu AS mm ON mm.moduleid = LEFT JOIN jos_extensions AS e ON e.element = m.module AND e.client_id = m.client_id WHERE m.published = 1 AND e.enabled = 1 AND (m.publish_up = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR m.publish_up <= '2012-05-17 09:06:53') AND (m.publish_down = '0000-00-00 00:00:00' OR m.publish_down >= '2012-05-17 09:06:53') AND m.access IN (1,1) AND m.client_id = 0 AND (mm.menuid = 583 OR mm.menuid <= 0) AND m.language IN ('el-GR','*') ORDER BY m.position, m.ordering

    TRANSLATION Σφάλμα κατά την φόρτωση του ενθέματος == Error loading module

    In this case no modules are being displayed, especially the menus (right sidebar) that show featured or best products


I would be glad if you could help me as it is very important for me to start importing real products (not in test mode anymore). So I need a solution to prevent this errors in future upgrades.


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MySQL caused the problem. I had version 5.2.7 and upgraded to 5.5.21-55 so everything works now...


Interesting. Minimum recommended spec is MySQL 5.0.4 
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So, check it, because this issue has been noted since 2.0.2 if I am not wrong. I found the solution a Greek forum and until now seems to work.