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Product Builder - Configurator and bundles creator

Started by balai, May 03, 2012, 11:51:53 AM

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It needs some modifications to show teh total quantity.
For more details you have to use our support.

This thread has opened only for information about the extension


Hi Balai
Found Product Builder on here last night and lost an hour playing with the demos lol

A couple of questions please:
I see it does image overlays onto products, is it possible for the customer to upload their own image and see it on their product? Or is it a case of preset images .
Is it possible to set up a multi selection option whereby a customer can choose a selection of items in one go. ie the product offers a basket where the customer can select 5 of the same products but of various colours.
On the subscription side, initially it is 6 months, do we have to re-subscribe after 6 months or can a person cancel ( I do understand no more support will be offered if they did)


1. At the moment you cannot upload files
2. You can select 1 product per group but you can have multiple identical groups. e.g. Hard drive 1, Hard drive 2...etc
3. While the subscription is active you have access to the new versions and the support. The extension can be used for a lifetime


I am interested in buying this extension but i have some questions so i can see if it suits my need.
I would like to create bundles of products. I use joomdle plugin so i can connect vm with moodle platform. The way joomdle works is that it checks the payment method for the product and when the order status is confirmed you get automatically enrolled to the course you just bought. How does the order confirm status work in the bundle? If i have eg 3 courses in a bundle how will this order be processed by your extension? I think that my needs will be suited if when the payment is confirmed , i will get a confirmed status on each product - course, but i dont really know.Maybe you had a similar question in the past and you can inform me.
Thanks in advance. 


I am not sure that i understand your question.
As i know what what it does concerning the cart functionality is to add multiple products to the cart
BTW it is used by some schools and institutes for creating or selling a bundle of lessons


ok,, i have been try to get the answer for the developer site about this product on following questions and i haven't received any reply. Or they might of missed.
This is component look really promising for our shop.
I wanted to find

1. if user purchase the pre built bundle, the bundle items will be took it out from the inventory?

2. Also, would the pre built bundle can be discount. which mean i want to give the 10% off if they purchase the pre built bundle. As of now, it's seem to be total price is added up from each items.

Now i want to add one more questions.

3. How reliable is this developer? I have been use several in the past and some just don't work out, some really good.
How responsive the support service and customization service.

You input will be greatly help.



1. Yes
2. Can be done but its a bit tricky
3. We are one of the oldest companies offering extensions for Virtuemart. All of our extensions are top rated and highly respected