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Product Builder - Configurator and bundles creator

Started by balai, May 03, 2012, 11:51:53 AM

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Product Builder is a tool that allows the users to build their own configurations (such as a computers or bikes), selecting products from product groups.
During the products selection they are able to see the total price of the whole configuration also they can see details about a selected product.

This tool can use also compatibility check functionality so that the users can select only products that are compatible beween them.
Also it is easy to set it up and to syle it using tools such as sliders and color palletes.

Another great feature is that the administrator can create ready to be purchased configurations/bundles which the user can buy with just a single click.

It works with Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x
For more info you can check:


Hello, can you please update the status of getting this extension?  is there a problem with your subscription service?



The subscription system seems to work fine. If you have any problem please pm me or write an email at the contact forms you will find at


this is a very nice addon.

I have been looking for something like this for a while.

here is my concept:

I am a professional graphic artist..I draw flyers and posters for events, many per month.
(additionally I am quite proficient in Joomla and designing sites around joomla and VM)

I have a few booking agencies that send me business from the venue who booked the event.
Typically I chat with the venue on the phone and rely on emailing me the details and payment info once and then they choose what type of product they want.
at this point I also have to upsell them on quantity and extra table tents or comp cards...blah blah blah.

I have wanted to automate this system for a while but due to the irregularities and the attributes of the has been impossible or "not pretty".
but its at the point that I cannot keep up using the manual method I have to have some sort of online hub.

essentially this is my intended work flow....

1. the user picks one performer from a grid of about 24 different photos of performers on the main page. (this could be a flat html page or a VM category page..not sure yet)
this take them to that particular performer's "promo item page"

2. on the ONE promo page they can choose:
    - 1 of 4 variations of posters and a quantity
    - 1 of 4 variations of flyers and a quantity
    - 1 of 4 variations of tents and a quantity
    - 1 of 4 variations of compcards and a quantity

(theoretically this could produce up to 4 outcomes of 48 different possible combos based on 3 quantity its impossible for me to create individual products and expect anyone to make sense of it.)

I need to be able to auto update prices for each variation and quantity so I need to be able to use attributes.
but it all has to be on the same screen...ONE STEP because these venue owners are old and lazy..and technology hurts them.
The user clicks "add to cart" once the selections are complete.

3. then they can continue onto another category I have called "extras" which display a few products that I rep and can add to the orders.
then the same concept applies...they choose what they want from multiple product lines and click "add to cart".

in some sort of breadcrumb style pathway at the bottom I can label these steps....1,2,3,4,5 etc.

then they click the next step which takes them to where they can enter custom notes about their event and upload a logo or anything that needs uploading.
(which maybe I could integrate into VM or just redirect to RSform  and redirect back to the cart checkout after submitting the form.....or something along those lines that would be equally as seamless)

then the next and final step would be a one page checkout with a summary, billing, shipping and payment info......then the data is sent to the payment method of their choosing.

what do you think?
do you think your VM Product Builder addon can handle this?

Ive seen the demos and it looks very promising...could be a little better graphically but looks good.

I would really like to be able to get my clients to complete the whole process in 6 steps.
1. choose performer
2. choose performers promo type and quantity
3. choose extras
4. submit event info
5. summarize order
6. Bill---> ship---> payment


Instead of using a category page, you can use a custom product browse page. This page displays a lits of your configurable custom products and clicking on a product it will redirect you to the configuration page.

You can definitely use it for letting your users select multiple items , checking the total price etc. and adding them to the cart.

Currently everything is done in 1 step, so you can add a group also for the extra products where they can add a note using a text input custom field.


I bought Product Builder 2 to use with virtuemart 2.0.8 and Joomla 2.5.4
I'm having trouble to customize how the products are displayed, because the only options are radio or dropdown.
How can I do to make the products be displayed like images and thumbnails?

Besides, it is not possible to add anything to the cart. I click on the button "Add to cart" and the follow message appears:
{"msg":"Continuar Comprando
O produto foi adicionado ao seu carrinho.","stat":"2"}.

It means: continue shopping. The product was added to your cart. Before I installed the Product Builder, the cart was working perfectly.

I would like to know also how can I change to other languages.


Please use the support offered for Product Builder.


I've tryed, but they said that "maybe the radio and the drop down can change but it needs some coding".
I searched and didn't found anything about the image code to change it. Can you help me?
And I still don't know what to do to change the language and how to solve the cart issue.
I'm very unsatisfied!
Thanks a lot!


Man the support that breakdesigns offers is one of the best out there.
But the support is for making the component work as described and not for extra modifications as you asked.

Also in order to solve the issues with the cart , open a ticket and give them access to the code. It cannot happen spiritually


Hello balai,

Your products seems really interesting.
Is there any coupon code for vm forum members for your product line? ;-)

The more I know the more I know I don´t know

Tech: Joomla 3.7.3,  Virtuemart 3.2


The more I know the more I know I don´t know

Tech: Joomla 3.7.3,  Virtuemart 3.2


Hopefully, this gets a response. I once sent an email to you on your website, but received no response.
What I need is the ability for all items within a category or brand to have 1 add to cart button. I deal with wholesale products, and want my clients to easily filter through their search, have the quantity in box to initially have a 0 as it's quantity to order. So the clients can then type in the qty they want for several products on the page and add to cart. If the filtered list has several pages, each page# would have an add to cart button at each page.
I deal with thousands of products, and I do not want the clients to get frustrated with purchasing. I make use of THUB to link my physical store to the online store, and it would be impossible to sit down to customize each item because I receive unique items frequently. I hope this makes sense. After going through your product, it looked good but it's almost like what I desperately need. Please help.



I don't need that PB is suitable for this. You cannot get filtered results in PB nor you can use all the products of your shop.
You d rather need a category view for this

What PB does is to give the user the ablity to select items from multiple predefined product groups, creating a bundle


How do we setup product builder to show a bundle and a grand total quantity of items therein?  That is, we want the total quantity to adjust based on the individual quantities of the bundled items.

Thanks for your help and guidance.