Author Topic: replicate vm1.1 parent/child relationship  (Read 1437 times)


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replicate vm1.1 parent/child relationship
« on: April 17, 2012, 21:27:07 pm »
Hi I have been trying for months now to replicate a basic parent/child relationship from VM 1.1 in a VM 2.0 shop.

Apparently it is currently not possible without some programming mojo
- see for an example

- Parent cannot be added to cart (a child must be selected from the drop down)
-the child ('Product Variant') Name + Attribute (usually 'size') + actual price (not plus or minus so the client has to do math, but the actual price) are all displayed in the drop down

-I have several sites with a similar configuration, so I need a 'universal' solution - something that I can replicate my self without having to hire a programmer to do every site for me

-also, as vm2 is being updated so often it should be a solution that does not require hacking core files / works with upgrades

Ideally, I would get you to make 1 product work using a fresh install of joomla 2.5.latest + virtuemart 2.0.latest
(using the VM sample data - eg the ladder with it`s children), and get instructions on how to accomplish this on other sites.

Any quotes would be appreciated