Author Topic: VM 2 - Complete Migration Process and some Custom Dev  (Read 1397 times)


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VM 2 - Complete Migration Process and some Custom Dev
« on: April 12, 2012, 05:38:32 am »
I am looking for a skilled coder to handle a couple of final items for my clients VM2 shop.

Quote the following Items as Priced Development for each please:

ITEM 1 - Update Orders + Users:
I have successfully migrated orders and users from VM1 however I need a developer to handle the final tasks
  • import all Orders and Users SINCE November 2011 into the new site

ITEM 2 - Shipment for Virtual Products:
I have installed the VM Shipment for Virtual Products and I would like to have the download path
configured to use the ABSOLUTE path to a directory outside of my HTML root for security.

I would like to set this up so it is automatic when I choose a media type that is a PRODUCT FOR SALE so I only have to put in the FILE NAME.

ITEM 3 - Custom Payment System:
We use PS Link Point Payment system. In VM1 I used the following HACK to adapt the payment system to allow our VM site to communicate with First Pay.
I used in VM1 was not so much a payment system plugin but an existing plugin that had a Hack you could do to make it function.
Here is the link I used back in the day to mod the payment system:

This work beautifully for the last couple of years. I know need this payment system adapted to VM2 in order to get this site launched.

Any mods or Hacks implemented I would prefer that they didn't impact my ability to update VM2.
I know this may be a tall order so if not possible or if this would affect the cost dramatically I would like to have a changelog and the files modified commented appropriately so I can replace any mods when I do updates to the site.

I would really like to see this completed by Friday April 13, 2012 if possible. I can provide a deposit and access. I know it's a tight deadline so if it's not doable please quote a turn around time.

Thanks - Jerry