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Multiple Vendors and associated PayPal accounts

Started by webzight, March 23, 2012, 21:08:33 PM

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I have searched through the forums and have NOT found a satisfactory answer to this pressing question!

I have three family members selling their creations off the same site (

For tax purposes and ease of bookkeeping, I need to set them up as separate vendors with separate PayPal accounts so that when one of their items is purchased off the site that individuals associated PayPal account is used to process the payment.

Is this possible?

Or is it possible to setup three separate shopping carts on the same site, one for each family member?

Is there some work around for this scenario?
May the Cloud be with you :)



hi webzight - the multi vendor button you see in the back of VM is being developed at the present time.

The team is working hard to try and make a shop - just the way you described.  You can image some of the issues might be quite big as three vendors in the one shop might have different tax rules,
Different transport companies or even the way the actual shop looks for each vendor.

* The only way you could do it at present is add a different manufacturer to the different family products . later when you do the tax - you might be able to down load the MSql Data base in excel format and sort by manufacturer.?

* but for now - you might have to wait.


Thanks John for the informative reply :)

I thought about the multi-manufacturer thing, but then I could not figure out how to have them assigned to different vendor Paypal  accounts. 

They are currently listing their items also on Etsy ( which runs a multiple vendor system but with individual payor accounts for each member!

Could it be possible to do something like Etsy with VM, it would really be cool 8)
May the Cloud be with you :)


pretty cool ,,   I presume once you payed it redirects you back to the cart?

very interesting  Thanks for the heads up.


I need this solution as well.  Any status on progress?