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Title: [TUTORIAL] How to customize the way your categories and/or products page(s) look
Post by: Razva on September 26, 2011, 09:31:05 am
So you've installed VM, everything is nice and dandy. But still, you want to make some adjustments to the way a category or product looks. Here's how to do it:

1) Go to components/com_virtuemart/views
2) Choose the "view" you need (the category page, the productdetails page, etc)
3) Go into "tmpl". There you will find a "default.php" file
4) Download and rename the "default.php" file on your computer.
5) After renaming the file you can edit anything you want, by using your preferred HTML/PHP editor. Please note that you have no knowledge of XHTML you have a very small chance to understand what's in there;
6) Upload the new file on the same directory (view);
7) After uploading the file (don't forget to rename it, else you'll loose any custom modifications on the first VM update) you should go to your Joomla administrator -> Components -> Virtuemart -> Configuration -> Templates and select your file name (which, btw, is defined as a "view") from "Category Layout" and/or "Product layout" (as necessary).
8) Please note that you can select a custom view for any category/subcategory, by selecting the proper view on the Product Categories -> select the category you want to modify -> select your custom view from "Category Browse Page" and/or "Default Product Details Page".
Title: Re: how to list *only* the images+product title
Post by: Ellalex on September 29, 2011, 13:03:50 pm
I think you can create a view of how you want the category to look and assign that view to the subcategory (