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Title: product slider module?????
Post by: lee_attard on July 24, 2008, 21:54:09 pm
Hi all

I am very new to joomla and to virtuemart.

I am building a site using Joomla 1.5 and the latest virtuemart.

I have seen a feature on a website that I would like to use, but I am not sure if it is a standard virtuemart module or if I can get it from someware else?

It is an interactive product slider like on the below site:

does anyone know the name, or where I can find this module.

Many thanks

Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: akerman on July 24, 2008, 23:14:03 pm

a quick peek on the page you mentioned, results in:

The 'ja_vmproductslide' module is created by JoomlArt, and is a part of their template called "Larix". Especially developed for an e-shop.

You'll find it here and it is not for free.

Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: massive40 on November 25, 2008, 13:38:52 pm
HI Everyone, hoping that someone can help me too, I have the bundled VM with the JA LARIX template which really does look great, I agree that there are some teething probs but I am sure that we can sort those, however, the problem that I have got is on the JA website that features JA Larix template it shows the featured products on a slider at the top of the page, now I have clicked on the relevant button that says that I want the featured products to show on front page, but its not in a slider its featured at the bottom of the page, so my question is: what is required in order for me to have the slider featured products at the top of the page as show on JA's website.

Best wishes

P.S. One other thing, I told VM that I wanted 2 products across the screen but its not doing that, can you also help me on that one too please
Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: AngelinaC on November 25, 2008, 23:29:54 pm
I have some Larix questions and not finding much documentation as the release was just last week.   

The Ja Larix IS now free- bundled with the Joomla 1.5.8 release

I do not find it well commented and very little documentation at the moment
Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: massive40 on November 26, 2008, 18:25:43 pm
Hi AngelinaC, I see your post and I have to agree with you, I have searched this forum extensively and there is nothing here that will answer our questions, I dont know how to put a heading in the title block at the top, (next to position 1 - Your Cart Module), so where you see the JA Larix at the very top of the page, I have my logo there but I need to put something beside that and I dont know how to do that, again I have tried looking for it here and I cant find the answers to my questions, unless you know.

I just hope that the questions that I have raised in my last post someone will answer them, and frankly I dont want to try a different template as this one is a good one


Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: akerman on November 26, 2008, 23:35:34 pm

sorry to hear that you have trouble running VM in your templates.

Problem with the new VM + Larix combo is that too few users have experience with it. Especially the version that is bundled with the demopages/products.

To make the situation a little bit more complicated; the Larix (normal version), is still sold as a commercial template club template by JA, and therefore all good knowledge and skills about how to fix problems or how to insert updates are 'locked' inside the JA forum for Larix. Only available for JA club members. So this base of knowledge has to build up slowly here on VM forum I suppose. Today there are almost 30 threads in here in regards of Larix and VM.

I don't have access to Larix right now, but judging from the JA demopages it does not seem to be any module position between the logo and the cart module.
In order to achieve what you want you need to insert a new module position here by edit the template index.php and xml file, then probably make some CSS styling for that position and test that the <DIV> you insert does not push all other <DIV>'s. (JA templates are table less).

If you have never done this before, or is new to PHP, HTML and CSS or any of these, I suggest spending a day or two reading Joomla! tutorials at the Joomla! homepage. I'm sorry but I just can't write a tutorial for you here. It would be like 2-3 pages long and still requires you to know some basic PHP in order to manage.

But don't worry, as soon as you managed to understand the procedures for positions and modules in templates as described at Joomla!, I think you'll manage.

And the Slider:

It is a commercial module, only available to the JA template club members that have paid for the template. (At least that is what I understand. I'm a member myself in two different clubs and that is standard procedure.) The featured VM products at the bottom, is the VM standard way to present that block.

Angelina C:

Just put the question up there, and we'll see if maybe someone in here has an answer for you. Like I said, this is a bit new to most VM users and many already have their own template in place. So it will take some time before the collective has gathered some skills.


Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: akerman on November 26, 2008, 23:52:54 pm
For massive40:

Just checked the Larix VM bundled template and there is no module position between the logo and vmcart. Just as I suspected.

<!-- BEGIN: HEADER -->
<div id="ja-headerwrap" class="clearfix">
<div id="ja-header">
   <h1 class="logo"><a href="index.php"><?php echo $tmpTools->sitename();?></a></h1>

   <?php if ($this->countModules('my_new_module') ) { ?>
   <div id="my_new_module">
     <jdoc:include type="modules" name="my_new_modlue" style="xhtml" />   

   <?php if ($this->countModules('your-cart') ) { ?>
   <div id="ja-vm-cart">
     <jdoc:include type="modules" name="your-cart" style="xhtml" />   

   <?php } ?>

<!-- END: HEADER -->

Remember, you also need to fix the template XML some CSS and test properly that your <DIV> does not push other existing <DIV> in the template.

Good luck!

Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: massive40 on November 27, 2008, 00:07:48 am
hi akerman
thank you for your comments and suggestions, i do know a little php and css so i shall give it a whirl, just one other point with regards my last post, i have set up VM to have 2 products across the screen but i still get the 1 i am using JA Larix obviously and am on Browse_1 should i be using something different, any suggestions would again be very helpful


Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: akerman on November 27, 2008, 08:42:01 am

well, you don't tell much about the steps you've taken in order to achieve the 2 product per row layout, so I assume that whatever you "told" VM to do, it wasn't sufficient.

I'm not even sure what you've set in the Config/Site/Layout/Config setting: "no table". "fixed" or "default"?

1. Make sure that the Config settings in VM backend is correct:
     - Browse page set to browse1

Make sure you have selected the Config/Site/Layout/Config setting: "default".
    Not the "fixed" option or "div based".

3. Make sure the Category view is also set correctly to browse1
     - New categories inherit their settings from the configuration page but if you alter
       the config page when having existing categories these changes are not inherited.

4. In the file /components/com_virtuemart/themes/default/browse/includes/browse_layouttable.tpl.php
   you find the following at approx. line 11:

$data =array(); // Holds the rows of products
$i = 1; $row = 0; // Counters

Just edit the 1 into 2

The important steps here are 2 and 4 above. The others we just do to make sure that you are consistent in your settings and that any future use or change in your shop and/or VM updates doesn't ruin your setup.
Remember that the selection of DIV based or table based is important! DIV floats and tables are stuck. Also the width of your template decides (in relation to the size of your product layout of course) how many products you will be able to display in one row. (If you set to DIV based you cant' decide the number of products per row, since it all floats left. If there isn't enough room on the page, then maybe just one product fits and the next one is pushed down a row.)
Now you wonder why this little "product per row" doesn't have a config setting?
The only thing I can say is welcome to VM and a world of learning.  ;)

You maybe want to check this thread out as well:

You might want to consider copying the "default" theme above into your own theme directory and use that one instead. Any update of VM will otherwise erase the changes you make to any files in the "default" template.
Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: on December 06, 2008, 16:07:22 pm
hi, i have ja slider... but i can not make it work...
i generate the code... but dont display the pictures... can you please help me :|
Title: Re: product slider module?????
Post by: akerman on December 12, 2008, 10:19:37 am

as I said above, JA Slider is a member product of JA, and all questions belonging to that module are to be directed and answered in the JA forums. Not here at VM. So it would be wrong of me to meddle in the JA delivery and to use VM forum for non VM related questions.

But hopefully you know that since you bought the membership, right?  ;)