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Title: JCE MediaBox for product images, Not Working on all.
Post by: OliviaH on March 26, 2015, 16:46:06 pm
Having not set up the website and having little knowledge of Joomla! or Virtuemart, I have become a bit stuck with my problem.

I am using Joomla! V1.5.26
Virtuemart V1.1.9
Website: (

My problem is that on the products in all but three of my Categories (shown in the menu to the left), when the product image is clicked it opens up a popup window with the full-image.

However on the products contained within the categories:

When the image is clicked, it opens up a new tab/window of the same product page.

I think I have traced the plugin used for the product image back to one called. "JCE MediaBox" as through this i can change the background overlay colour of the full sized image on those that work.

I appreciate any help and feel free to ask as many questions as you need to try and help further.

Thanks in advance