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Title: Moving Virtuemart
Post by: DiEx on September 22, 2014, 17:27:02 pm
A few days ago I've installed on my website Joomla+Virtuemart packet (VirtueMart2.6.10_Joomla_2.5.24-Stable-Full_Package) in my home directory. Is it possible to move all virtuemart content in another folder? I want to do this as I would like to create a different home with a different template on and keep virtue mart on
Title: Re: Moving Virtuemart
Post by: jenkinhill on September 22, 2014, 17:38:53 pm
If you are planning to do another Joomla install in the home directory then you can move the current J/VM site into a new subdirectory by simply dragging & dropping all files & directories into the new subdirectory using Filezilla.

OTOH if you want to keep that Joomla installation and just add another template then install that new template, make a new home page menu item in Joomla & assign your new template to that new menu item.
Title: Re: Moving Virtuemart
Post by: Robert_ITMan on September 23, 2014, 18:14:30 pm
DiEx - Before installing another version of joomla look into using the same install and template (you could also have different joomla templates for different parts of your website). The VM store will start on what ever page you assign it in your menu (for example setup a menu item 'Store' and slug 'store' using Menu Item Type = VirtueMart Front page and notice /store is separate from the rest of your site). Your question might be an indication that you need a better template for your website... if so I suggest you save yourself a lot of time and $$$ and headaches and get yourself a new template for your whole site which has nice VM templates already built in -- and is already responsive so it works on all devices ... I found some great ones here:

I also have a few that I've already customized for my clients... maybe I can help you more..?