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Title: MoWebSo Product Slideshow not showing Correctly
Post by: Dayal on September 09, 2013, 14:00:35 pm
Hi there
Can someone help me please. I am setting up the MoWebSo Product Slideshow. In the Joomla administartion panel, I get a warning saying:

JFolder: :files: Path is not a folder. Path: /hsphere/local/home/kundalini/

Also the tab module layout under general settings is not working. I get no options (it is not clickable)

When I open the module. The module is working fine with only one slide, but when I try to add more slides it is not showing correctly on the page. Instead of putting the big images together as a slide show with thumbs, it lists them all in a column on top of each other on the page. This is the big pictures in the slideshow, I am talking about. The products displayed across the big picture is listed correctly for each slide.

Is this related to the warning message I am getting? And what can I do about it? I have enabled the slides and as far as I can see, I did nothing wrong. I am using virtuemart 2.0.22 and Joomla 2.5.