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Title: Use Firebug to examine/edit page code and style
Post by: jenkinhill on May 20, 2012, 10:55:29 am
A high proportion of VirtueMart users do not use the supplied default layout & style so need a tool to enable you to work out any required code/css edits.

Most Joomla! site developers use Firebug in Firefox or Chrome to examine displayed pages, to show page HTML and CSS code, and to test the effects of changes within the code. This is a very good tool for the rapid identification of VirtueMart template layout issues and the dynamic testing of changes to CSS - without making any actual alterations to the underlying code.

Having identified any required alterations or additions in CSS, those changes can then be written into the relevant CSS files in the Joomla! template or used to override the default VirtueMart CSS.

To see an introduction to the use of Firebug see  and Firebug documentation here:

You could also use Chrome's developer tools - maybe with Firebug Lite. -  and

And more help here:

This is an essential tool for anyone wanting to make layout or style changes.