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Title: Need a pro to give a once over
Post by: TooBe on April 10, 2012, 07:37:49 am
Hi Im in need of a Virtue Mart Joomla Professional to have a look at my shop and give it the once over for me. I am not confident it is really set up properly because I did it myself and it seemed too easy. I am sure I have over looked afew things like the payment system and the shipping seem too easy and I just need a professional to have a look over my shop and tell me what I need to do where to bring it up to ready to go. I have people interested in giving me products to sell but I am too nervous to say ok yet before I have a professional give it the all clear and ready to trade. Is there some one that is interested in helping me out here as i have come to a stand still waiting to move forward.

I have gone as far as I can understand with the forums and documentation. Maybe its all ok..but somehow I know thats a long shot.
Any replies will be appreciated as I have been asking for help with this for weeks - even put an ad in the virtue mart jobs board and no one answered so any help will be very apreciated.
Toobe :)