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Product Categories vs Manufacturer Categories
« on: March 15, 2012, 21:21:50 pm »
Plase, tell me if i'am thinking / explaining in a wrong way.
Think in any Brand / Manufacturer... for example "Samsung" ( ) or any other ...

If you click in products you will see that Manufacturer Product Categories that it's:
Mobile Devices (Mobile phones, Smartphones, galaxy note, tablets, ..)
TV / Audio / Video ( Televisions, Home Entertainment, Blu-ray Players, DVD, Set-Top Box, MP3 Digital Audio, ..)
Camcorder (NX System, Compact Cameras, Camcorders, ..)
Notebooks / Display (Notebook Computers, Monitors, Professional LFD Displays)
This could be for clothes, cars, groceries, etc...

So, for me both Categories look the same thing, but can someone explain me please why they are different ?
what can we do with the Manufacturer Categories ?
Could we create a Manufacturer/Brand Store with that Manufacturer Categorie?
I can only apply 1 Manufacturer Brand Name to Only 1 Categorie .... so I cant see any sense at this moment to do something here if we cant do that or others things :-\

Topic related:

Suggestion: If when we are creating/editing a Product, the VM could detect the Manufacturer Categorie with the Product Categorie that we choose... OR for a better filter the Manufacturer Brand Name should be connected to Product Categorie?!
When someone selects a specific Brand Manufacturer it appears only one Manufacturer with all the Categories about that Brand. Right?!
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