Author Topic: Small Product Icon as a Product link?  (Read 1612 times)


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Small Product Icon as a Product link?
« on: March 08, 2012, 13:58:13 pm »
Hey Community!   :)

First, we want that the small 90x90 Product Icons become a product link. Currently a Lightbox opens.  -->

Secondly, we want that the PDF Document (pdf Icon) opens in a new blank page.   -->

We use VirtueMart 2.0.2 & Joomla 2.5

Thanks for your help!



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Re: Small Product Icon as a Product link?
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2012, 16:55:52 pm »

changing the image link from open the image to open the product, you will need to modify the category php code

Look for a line similar to this with your template:
Code: [Select]
echo $product->images[0]->displayMediaThumb('class="browseProductImage" border="0" title="'.$product->product_name.'" ',true,'class="modal"');

to the following:
Code: [Select]
echo JHTML::link($product->link, '<img src="'.$product->images[0]->file_url.'">', array('border' => '0','title' => $product->product_name,'class' => ''));