Author Topic: Bug: automatically update the product quantity after change the Currency  (Read 6962 times)


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Step 1: I direct to add a product to cart from the Featured Products module or Random products module, then VM will go to the cart page.
Step 2: VM will automatically update the product quantity to +1 quantity to the product after I change the Currency via the Currency Selector module.

VirtueMart Version:
1.1.9 or

Joomla/Mambo Version:
1.5.25 or

Steps to replicate:
See above in description.

Proposed fix(es):
Not sure how to fix this.

Bugtracker task #:
Enter the bugtracker task #/url when submitted.

System info:
Enter your system info (operating system, web server, php version, mysql version).
PHP Built on: Linux #1 SMP Wed Nov 30 10:01:38 EST 2011 x86_64
Database Version:   Mysql 5.1.54
Database Collation:    utf8_general_ci
PHP Version:    5.3.10
Web Server:    Apache
Web Server to PHP interface:   cgi-fcgi