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What we have done so far: We have implemented the functionality of automated net price calculation for the product while changing the attributes.

What is required: The price have to be automatically updated in the products attributes section (for sub-attributes) also.

In Details:

I am trying to explain it through the example:

Go to: Store>>Flyers>>Standard Flyers>>Flyers DIN-8
Following product attributes are there: Brochure Size, Quantity, Fold Type, Spot Gloss, Decorative foil, metallic link , Upload, shipping

In each attributes there are sub attributes with specification and cost. For eg.

In Brochure Size there are two sub attributes

    8.5X5.5: 271,43 €
    8.5X11: 542,85 €

Similarly in Quantity

    500: 478,23 €
    1000: 615,23 €
    2000: 904,75 €

In Fold Type

    flat fold: 316,66 €
    half fold: 584,21 €

In Spot Gloss

    none: 542,85 €
    1 side: 155,10 €
    2 side: 581,63 €

In Decorative foil

    1 side: 297,28 €
    2 side: 403,26 €

In metallic link

    qwq: 297,28 €
    sadd: 297,28 €

There are two type of sub-attributes:

    Main Attributes and
    Additional attributes

The cost has to be change in additional attributes on behalf of main attributes.

What I am trying to say is if you select the sub-attributes the net cost has changed automatically.Further if I change again any main attributes the net Cost change but the cost in additional attributes doesn't change.
You can check it here with onlineprinters and tasteofink. Please click on the following links:,-8.5-x-5.5-cm,-4%2f4-color-printing.htm?websale7=diedruckerei;02-aa&pi=PVKV844&ci=000764

In both the above links you can see the net price changes along with the price in additional attributes if we do any changes in the main attributes.

I hope you have understood the issue now. However if you need any further clarifications please feel to call me anytime.

I will highly appreciate your comment and help.