Author Topic: Colour stockable varient image in cart  (Read 926 times)


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Colour stockable varient image in cart
« on: November 17, 2012, 03:37:26 am »
Hi there, sorry if this has been covered before.

I have multiple products with stockable variant colour options. Is it possible to show the colour selection within the cart? Currently it shows the default image for the parent product, instead of the child image.

This causes us some issues...

It's really quite confusing for the shopper if they select the colour 'Orange' and the 'Blue' parent product image is shown. Are they or arn't they gona get their orange candle for Mommy's christmas box? (Orange would be dispatched as we go on the SKU code and the colour selection is written as text under the product description).

It would certainly put me off from buying the product if the wrong colour image is shown (remember we're very visual creatures... Images say a thousand words)

Also on the parent product, when selecting a colour, the image should change to that colour. I've investigated lots of eCommerce sites, and this seems to be standard.

Have I missed something in the setup of custom fields?