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Photographs as products
« on: February 06, 2012, 07:52:16 am »
Hi there - I am a photographer and I take A LOT of pictures of sporting events. I want to create one product that would apply to all my photos, with a dropdown option for photo sizes, which would change the price accordingly - I have no idea how to do this. Please help.


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Re: Photographs as products
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2012, 13:10:14 pm »


I see you have quite a few look but no answer.
* if I was doing what you wanted to try in Joomla - Maybe this might work.

You need 6 categories and 6 products
* sport
* Sunset
* people

Just as an example - a customer would click on a category they like , It then jumps to a product with your options set there.
eg Sport ( you would have your attributes set with price changes etc) - underneath the product you would have a small menu link that would click >> open a new window and there would be all your photographs of sport with the Names (a number under each)
* the customer would look through all your sport photos ( pick the one they like - write down the number). Now they close the window - type the photo number in your Attribute set (text) and choose the size option they like.

* They can add and order as many as they like and ithey will be added to their cart.

* now to do this you need - Virtuemart and ( photoshop or adobe bridge or some other software) that generates (a phot album on the web. You have to design the webalbum outside of VM. This is very easy to do with thumbnail self generating software. ( plus you need to watermark all photos) . Stops - theft.

* This allows you to set the shop up in joomla and VM - leave it alone and you can spend hours putting your photos up online outside of VM.

You can do 1000s in a very short piece of time.

* And yes you could just make one product that says clcik here and see all my photos - But you need to a have categories.