Author Topic: You cannot change the order of items, as an item in the list is 'Checked Out'  (Read 8327 times)


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I am inside Configuration > Shopper Fields > Shopper Fields List

Trying to Reorder the Fields and get the following message when I click to save the new field order:

You cannot change the order of items, as an item in the list is 'Checked Out'

I tried using the Joomla Global Checkin to no effect.

Here is a screenshot of the error:

Note: using VM 2.0


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I have the exact same problem. I've been using version 2.0.0 on J1.7 and had this problem. Updated to 2.0.2 and the problem still exists.
Please advise what to do, because it is very annoying having the fields in the default order. Currently I have the "I agree to the Terms of Service" field before my custom fields and that is really weird for the users.



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Same issue for me also, would love to be able to move the order of shopper fields.


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I have the same problem. Any suggestions? I'm on 2.0.3


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What I can see is that for some reason the following fields are always checked out, which probably is what J2.5 complains about. But these fields don't appear on the checked out list where they could be checked in again.

User field from Joomla core  username
User field from Joomla core  name
User field from Joomla core  agreed
User field from Joomla core  password2
User field from Joomla core  password
User field from Joomla core  email

However, as a temporary workaround you can still change the sort order manually in the database table _virtuemart_userfields
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I'm very new to VirtueMart and Joomla.  I'm having this same problem.  Can you please help me find:

  database table _virtuemart_userfields

Thank you for all the help -- this forum has been very helpful to me so far.


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In your website control panel there should be a way to access your database using something like phpMyAdmin.  Once you're there, you will find a table named:  jos_virtuemart_userfields (your prefix may be different).  Then you can edit the values for ordering.


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Found it!  Thank you very much for teaching me something new!


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Seriously I'm having this problem as well...

There are SO MANY bugs with the shopper fields it's just ridiculous...

see my other posts here as I'm working with this terrible "feature" today...

This software should never have been released with so many issues  :'(


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When you edit the field, at the bottom of the page you can change it and it works.

Jason Farmer

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Also getting this error on 2.0.10 stable!

So off to the database we go...




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Re: You cannot change the order of items, as an item in the list is 'Checked Out'
« Reply #11 on: September 17, 2012, 00:26:24 am »
Please refer to my post regarding this issue. I may have enough information for you to figure out why reordering shopper fields works some of the time and not some of the time. I believe it has to do with the locked fields related to Joomla's user system. Here is my detailed post:

Until the bug is fixed, I have a workaround that will work for most circumstances. When you read it, you'll realize that it probably won't work for reordering some fields that are outside the scope of my workaround.


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I m dealing with the same issue too.
Is this a beta version (2.0.14) or a live one because I m getting way too many "bugs" while trying to set it up.