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Re: Bestellnummer / Kundennummer
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2012, 01:05:22 am »
No (afaik), but if you don't like the long 'Shopper Number /ID', you can overwrite it manually to whatever you want. (This has always been possible in VM2)

I would also like to have following order numbers again, like: 371,372,373,......

So, where can i change this manually?

Now, with order numbers like: ce8a0272   it's very complicated if the custumer, for example, want to do the payment, or if they call you and you have to ask for the order number,etc,etc...


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Re: Bestellnummer / Kundennummer
« Reply #16 on: November 23, 2012, 10:14:47 am »
Ich habe das Problem gelöst indem ich die Auftragsnummer als Bestellnummer zugewiesen haben mit ein paar PHP Kenntnissen.
Vielleicht schaffe ich es ja ein kleines Module oder Plugin hierfür zu schreiben.

Ein neues Module habe ich entwickelt - ein Produkt Counter
Damit den Usern gezeigt werden kann, wie viel Vorrat für einen bestimmten Artikel noch vorhanden ist einfach die Produkt-ID im Module eingeben! - Text kann man vor dem Produkt Counter und nach dem produkt Counter selbst im Module definieren, sowie Modulklasssufix hinzufügen. Im Module selbst kann man die Datenbankdaten eintragen, so das wenn der Virtuemart Shop nicht in der gleichen Datenbank liegt trotzdem funktioniert.
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Re: Bestellnummer / Kundennummer
« Reply #17 on: December 03, 2012, 14:17:09 pm »
I have now created such a plugin, which allows the shop owner to change the order number, order password and invoice number at will:

The format is given as a text string, where [...] is understood as a variable and replaced by its value (e.g. [year] by the current year).
If you want the invoice number to be simply the order ID, set the invoice number format to "[orderID]".

The running counter is indicated by #. The counter can be configured to be global (e.g. not reset each year/month/..) or a separate counter for each year/month/...
If you only want the order number as a running count, the format is simply '#' (without the quotes). If you want to prefix the order/invoice numbers by the year or year+month then the format it simply '[year]-#' or '[year2][month]#'... If you want the invoice number to be the same as the order number (this might not fulfill some legal requirements about invoices having successive numbers!), you can simply use '[orderNumber]'.
There are many more possibilities in the plugin!

I hope you like the plugin and it does what you need. If you are missing anything, please let me know.