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[solved ]Tax not showing in cart
« on: January 28, 2012, 03:47:20 am »
VM version 1.1.9
joomla! 1.5.20
Problem: tax shows properly against product price but shows as 0.00 in the cart and on orders when tax is based on Shipping address
Research - have checked the Manual & trawled the forum. I see related problems but no solution. I have spent two days on this so far.
I have two sites under development and both show this problem, so I believe its either a bug or I have missed something in the configuration - IE its a systemic problem, not something quirky in an installation
I have configured 10% tax and want to set that based on shipping address not vendor address. The tax shows properly in the cart  when based on vendor address but does not appear when set on shipping address. I get the total then a line "Tax: 0.00"This is a major problem as we can only charge tax for Australian purchasers. We could not show any tax but then we need to send manual tax invoices with Australian Good and Services Tax showing to be in line with tax laws.
I tried enabling multiple tax rates and then tax does show in a clumsy way after  the total but still I get a Tax: 0.0 line of text immediately below the product in the cart and on invoices.
Is this a known bug or have I missed something?
Would be extremely grateful for any advice.

Later today.
I found the problem.
To enable tax based on shipper address you have to set up tax rates for the Country AND STATE. In the case of Australia, I was showing tax for Country as 0.10, but also needed to set up a similar tax rate for each State. Now the tax shows in the cart and invoices. As I only  want to show tax for Australian buyers, I don't need to do anything regarding other countries - they default to zero.