Author Topic: Can I edit the <a></a> tag on the category/tmpl/default.php page  (Read 1456 times)


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I want to add code to the product links on a category page.  I want to add a span just before the </a> tag. The standard html output is shown here

<div class="product floatleft width33 vertical-separator">
<div class="spacer">
<div class="width30 floatleft center">
<a class="modal" href="" title="cca3cd5db813ee6badf6a3598832f2fc">
<img class="browseProductImage" border="0" title="Hand Shovel" alt="cca3cd5db813ee6badf6a3598832f2fc" src="/j17v/images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/cca3cd5db813ee6badf6a3598832f2fc_90x90.jpg">

This seems to come from this file which doesn't show the a tag!

/public_html/j17v/components/com_virtuemart/views/category/tmpl/default.php, but there is no apparent <a href> link code

      // Show Products ?>
      <div class="product floatleft<?php echo $Browsecellwidth . $show_vertical_separator ?>">
               <div class="spacer">
            <div class="width30 floatleft center">
               <?php /** @todo make image popup */
                     echo $product->images[0]->displayMediaThumb('class="browseProductImage" border="0" title="'.$product->product_name.'" ',true,'class="modal"');

Is it possible to edit this file or another (js) file?

Thank you