Author Topic: In category view display all levels of subcategories and products  (Read 1701 times)


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Hi! I need to achieve what the title says. Let's say I have a store that sells Pets and Books. The Pets can be either Cats or Dogs and the Books can be either Poems or Prose. I would like when someone visits the Store Frontpage, or the Top Level Category page, the view to be like this:

Pets-with-image                   Books-with-image               (like the default view)



Cat-1-with-image     Cat-2-with-image ...


Dog-1-with-image    Dog-2-with-image  ...



Poem-1-with-image    Poem-2-with-image ...


Prose-1-with-image    Prose-2-with-image ...

Has anyone done something similar for VM2 in Joomla 1.7? Has anyone included a component view in another component? Because in the final level of recursion someone could load and render, let's say, the Poems' category page, that would display

Poem-1-with-image    Poem-2-with-image ...

exactly the way visiting the Poems' category page would do.