Author Topic: on my product page, menu item goes to the same page (cookie problem?)  (Read 1293 times)


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When you click on products, and select a product it goes to itemID 80. Just the first time, after that, everything works perfect but if you clean your cache, the same problem happens. So I unpublished item 81 and cleaned the cache and went back in but this time everywhere you click to goes to itemID 82, and so on, and so on. So I copied itemID 81 and then deleted the original. Effectively renaming the id and it goes to 82... So, this is a problem, of course you need to clean the cache out everytime to recreate the problem, and it's a little problem but it rattles in my brain, like when the Rubic's Cube was invented... So in simple terms... HELP :))))

any help will be appreciated...