Author Topic: Xmap gives a sitemap without Virtumart's pages  (Read 7145 times)


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Xmap gives a sitemap without Virtumart's pages
« on: December 23, 2011, 09:20:03 am »
My Xmap gives me a sitemap xml with joomla's pages only and it is not able to see the virtuemart's pages :-(
I see that under the sitemap name in Xmap (see the sitemap-css-extension section, it's in the sitemap section), there are only the Joomla pages and not the Virtuemart's ones.
I want Xmap to see these virtuemart's pages. How can I do?

I am sure we solve it, thank you in advance.


joomla 1.5.23
virtuemart 1.1.9
xmap 1.2.14
virtuemart plugin in xmap 1.1.4


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Re: Xmap gives a sitemap without Virtumart's pages
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2012, 00:34:32 am »
Hi Allessandro
I know this is an old thread but just been looking into it myself. My site had my normal joomla pages in one menu and all my virtuemart categories were created in swmenu pro and also weren't showing up in xmap. What I did was just add a new menu item into my main menu, type virtuemart, into the main menu and xmap picks it up. That link should go to show all your virtuemart categories. If you have the latest version of xmap it will have the virtuemart plugin built in. Takes a while to generate the xml sitemap. Now I need to go and update all my old websites which won't be indexing properly either. whoops!